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Nov 11, 2014

Solid Cordz® 4K - GOLD Plated 6 ft HDMI Review

  I generally don't put much stock in the quality of HDMI cables. I've long believed that you're not going to notice much of a difference in picture no matter what brand of HDMI cable you use.  Quality is another matter entirely. I've been burned by cheap ones and expensive ones about equally. Super expensive HDMI cables that somehow manage to make the HDMI port on your PS3 incapable of accepting any other brand of HDMI cables because their cables "stretch out" the HDMI port and all other HDMI's fall out (yes, this has happened to me). Super cheap ones that end up losing connection unless you wiggle it "just so". Mid priced ones that the wires shred inside of the cable because its been bent and folded and the cable just can't handle it.

  I was pretty surprised at the quality of these HDMI cables though. They have the typical shiny, gold plated ends that are usually indicative of high quality cables. The cable itself is tough, yet flexible. Its definitely more like a cable than a cord like most HDMI cables have. It doesn't have that plastic coating that other HDMI cables use to "protect" the cable. It doesn't look like it would even need any additional protection. These cables are VERY tightly braided and almost remind you of the stainless steel braided lines that are used on cars and for gas lines... except they're for your tv. I honestly believe that I have finally found a cable that won't be damaged by being moved frequently or being bent, and that won't damage any of my electronics.

They look and feel incredibly tough

  Picture-wise, these are really great too. I don't usually think (or say) that a HDMI cable has improved my picture at all, but these did. On some images that have a "halo" of light (COD:Ghosts PS4 start screen for example), I've noticed that the halo is pixely, like you can see stripes of gradation from across the room. Once I hooked up these cables, the visible gradation was gone and I had a crisper, more defined picture. I will also note that the HDMI cables I had previously attached to my PS4 were $80 cables, so its not like I'm seeing a new difference between cheap cables and these. These are far better than the expensive cables I had. I have no idea how they'll hold up long term, but I'm hopeful that they'll stay this great for a long time. They're totally worth the cost.

  Here's what my screen looks like now:

Crisp picture (please excuse the reflections)

 Smooth gradation up close

  If you're looking for great quality HDMI cables that deliver a great picture and are tough as hell, these are probably what you're looking for. You can find them for a great price on Amazon.

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