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Sep 5, 2014

Apothecary Tea Tree Oil Review

  I'm new to tea tree oil. I'd heard of it before, but I'd never used it or even seen it in the store. What really impressed me about Apothecary Extracts tea tree oil is the ebook that shows you a bunch of different ways to use tea tree oil (including recipes). I was amazed that tea tree oil can be used for so many things like cleaning, skin care, and first aid. I've been mixing it with coconut oil because it makes a great hot oil treatment for my hair. I've also used it as a bug repellant! I'm trying some of the cleaning and aromatherapy recipes from the book next and I found some other really great ideas and recipes on Google that I want to try.

 I love the bottle that it comes in. It reminds me of  "snake oil" and "elixer" bottles from long ago. I love how "old timey"  Apothecary Extracts portrays itself and really feels to me. The label is straight to the point instead of being gimmicky. The label clearly tells you what you're getting, popular uses, suggested uses, and warnings. Apothecary Extracts is factual about their tea tree oil. There are no taglines or slogans to try to make you buy the product it stands on its own feet. I'm going to throw up one of the images associated with the company below this (grabbed straight from Amazon) because I love it and I think it really goes to show what I mean by "old-timey".

 I also really love the fact that Apothecary Extracts is pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil. It makes me feel better about using it because I know it is pure without added oils or chemicals. This bottle isn't "huge" but a little goes a very long way and I'm sure this will last me for years because you only use a few drops here and there. I got a 4oz bottle that runs around $20. After everything that I've tried, I still have an entirely full bottle. I would most definitely buy again. This is worth trying if you're looking for a high quality tea tree oil or if you're looking for chemical-free alternatives.

  Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil is exclusively available on Amazon, so if you're looking to try it you can find it there.


** Disclaimer**
I was provided a product or coupon for testing and review purposes, but I would never endorse something that I didn't believe was worthy of it and I would never post an opinion that wasn't my own.