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May 30, 2012

AMF's Summer Unplugged

  Are you wondering what to do with your kids this summer?
My kids usually sit around and complain that they have nothing to do all summer and we have a pool! I try to take them camping and other fun stuff, but other than going on vacation, they don't want to do ANYTHING. Do you have the same problem? Are your kids an immovable lump on your couch? What do you do? What summer plans do you make?

  This year, I'm thinking bowling might be the answer.
  AMF has a great bowling deal this summer for kids (and adults too!).
Kids 15 and under get to bowl free! They'll get 2 free games of bowling a day at select AMF centers 7 days a week until 8PM. Summer Unplugged will run from Monday, May 14 through Monday, September 3. AMF is even offering kid's meals for $3.29. Shoes aren't included with the free games, but they're pretty cheap, so it is totally worth it! Free game coupons are emailed every week.

  Head on over to to select a participating location and complete the simple registration form to get started with "Summer Unplugged" for your kids.

  Grown ups can play too! AMF offers a Summer Pass to everyone over the age of 16. The Summer Pass is $29.95 and is good for 2 games per day for up to 4 people ALL SUMMER LONG. Shoes aren't included in this deal either, but again.... they're rather cheap and at around $7.50 per person for the whole summer, its a great deal! The Summer Pass has the same dates and times as Summer Unplugged, so you can use your pass to spend some time with the kiddies, or get away from them *winkwink*.
You can find the Summer Pass online.

AMF is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Check them out!

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