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Nov 22, 2014

Solid Cordz® 2-pk 6ft Extension Cables Review

   The first thing I want to say about these extension cords is that they are SERIOUSLY heavy duty. They're definitely comparable to indoor/outdoor "shop" cords, with the only main differences being length and color. I could see myself using these in my garage as well as in my house. I tried these in many situations and they've performed well. They didn't get hot under any circumstance, but they did start to get a little warm when I tried running power tools for a long period of time. When I say "warm" I don't mean much heat at all, I just mean it felt warmer than it was when I started. It took about 40 minutes before the cord felt warm, as I'm probably not going to use them with power tools for hours, I don't really see this being an issue.

   I live in a house that is well over 100 years old. If you've ever lived in an old house, you know that no matter how much it is updated, you somehow end up with about 2 outlets in each room no matter how big the room is. We kinda live on surge protector strips and extension cords 'round here. The great thing about these cords is that they're not too long to use with a surge protector or just an outlet, so you can use it for just about anything. I'm currently using one for my stove because it has a 2 foot cord coming out of the back at the top and my outlet is at the bottom of the wall (who's idea was THAT?! O_o). I also have one plugged into a strip so I can use my laptop charger or anything else I need to without having to be 2 feet away from the strip.

   I'll definitely be buying more of these so I can extend my surge protectors to where I need them to be instead of running a ton of extension cords from the strips to the electronics that need power. As much as I try to hide the extension cords, there are still a ton of them that are visible and these extension cords will completely solve that problem for me. I also really like that they're black because they really don't stand out. I've had white cords, gray cords, brown cords, and even orange ones and they all stand out in one room or another. Black doesn't seem to do that as much.

   The only downside that I can really see to these is they're not very flexible right out of the package, so they need to be broken in a little if you want them to lose the coil-shape from being packaged.

If you're looking for great heavy duty cords 
that aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg, 
these won't let you down. 

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