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Oct 3, 2014

Foxbrim Youthful Radiance Eye Cream

Foxbrim Youthful Radiance Eye Cream Review

This eye cream is fast absorbing and has little to no fragrance. It absorbs completely and doesn't feel the least bit greasy. There are so many great ingredients in this eye cream that I am happy about and I love that the ingredients are organic because I don't like damaging my skin with chemicals when I'm trying to improve it. With grapeseed oil, vitamin C, Aloe Vera, jojoba, and rosehip seed oil, it has some of the best and most effective natural ingredients for your skin.

I would honestly recommend this to anyone that is just starting out with a skin care routine or looking to improve their overall skin health. If you're using moisturizers, eye creams, and serums for the first time this product might be perfect for you. People new to moisturizers will probably notice fine lines diminishing from the lotion. People with more established fine lines that have used moisturizing or anti-aging products in the past probably won't see much of a change in those lines, but your skin should look healthier and more radiant over time.

I can't say that I noticed any "youthful radiance" after using this, but I haven't used it long enough to see the long term results. What I can say is that it is a great moisturizer, it does reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes as well as tighten the skin, and it has a ton of great ingredients to keep your skin healthy.

If this is something you want to try out, you can find it on Amazon.

** Disclaimer**
I was provided a product or coupon for testing and review purposes, but I would never endorse something that I didn't believe was worthy of it and I would never post an opinion that wasn't my own.

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