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Oct 7, 2015

Totoro Power Bank (Black) Review

  I recently got the opportunity to try a black Totoro power bank. I was really excited because its so adorable. So here is my review:

  Upon receiving the power bank, I had total fangirl squealing going one because... Totoro. Right?! Anyhow. I opened it up to check it out. I had a hard time with the instructions because they weren't very instructive. It was full of the usual electronic warnings, but didn't really explain how to use the power bank or what the lights meant. I figured it out myself pretty quickly and plugged it in to charge.

  The first thing I have to say is that this power bank is adorable AND functional, which is becoming a rare quality in character based items more and more. Fortunately, this power bank not only works, but it also works better than any other power bank I own. After charging, I was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S6 from 14% to full in about 2 hours. I was also able to charge my husband's S6 from 73% to full, and my tablet from 46% to 92% before the power bank was out of juice. For me, this is amazing as most power banks don't even charge my phone all the way (much less charge several devices) and it was pretty fast at doing it!

  I want to talk a little about the design. This is definitely made out of high quality materials. It feels smooth and matte, and it has some weight to it but its not really heavy. The button is one the nose and is easy to push. The whole set up is pretty intuitive and easy to figure out even if you don't have instructions. I love the lights on the belly and the smile that lights up. Its super cute and makes it easy to see that it is charging and how much power is left in the power bank with just a glance. The lights really add to the cuteness for me. I mean, I'd like it anyway, but the lights make it more unique and attractive.

  My bottom line is this: This power banks is cute and effective. It would be great to have on hand to charge your devices when you're on the go. Its a little large, but still portable and for the price you won't find anything comparable. The only serious downside is that I'm going to have to wrestle my kids to get it back xD

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  1. Is this the same with the chinchilla Totoro one? I saw one here: and it's cute also haha! nice review by the way.