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Jan 5, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Organic Argan Oil - Review

  I recently got the opportunity to try 
Pure Body Naturals Organic Argan Oil.

  I use argan oil for several things, but mostly I use it for my hair. I dye my hair a bright red, so I always mix a bit with my conditioner to keep my hair smooth, shiny, and frizz free. I posted a pic of my hair even though it turned out a little pink. In real life, its bright red. Think "Ariel" from the little mermaid rather than the magenta it looks like in the picture. I'll try to get a different pic up when I have the time and maybe even a tutorial on how I dye it and manage it if anyone is interested.

Spur of the moment messy hair photo!

  But anyway, there are so many uses for argan oil that it is one of the best things you could ever keep on hand. It is absolutely amazing for your skin, hair, and nails. If you're a first time user and worried about being "oily", don't be! Argan oil is a "dry" oil, which means that it will not leave any oily residue on your skin! I could go on and on about the uses and benefits, but a simple internet search can tell you everything you'd ever want to know.

 I particularly like this Pure Body Naturals argan oil because of how pure it is 
and because of the realistic packaging

  What sets this argan oil apart from the rest is how very pure it is. It doesn't have the garish brown-yellow of lower quality argan oils that I have tried, and it also isn't mixed with any other oils or fragrances. This is just pure, organic argan oil. I'm becoming very partial to this brand of argan oil specifically because of how much faster it absorbs than other brands and because of how convenient the packaging is.

  It comes in a dark colored bottle (to protect the oil from light). The bottle is pretty simple and includes helpful usage tips. It also shows right on the bottle that it is certified organic (by EcoCert), cruelty free, not tested on animals, and that the oil is imported from Morocco. It seems like a small, insignificant thing, but I can't tell you how many times I've seen products claim they're organic or cruelty free and there isn't any sign on the product itself. Seeing it on the bottle gives me more faith in the product and shows me they're proud of those features.

  Anyway. When I call the packaging realistic, I mean that they understand how people use this oil and have made the packaging convenient and real. The bottle ships with a seperate glass dropper. This is truly unique to me because every other argan oil I've ever purchased either has a dropper as the lid or has no dropper. Pure Body Naturals has made sure that their packaging doesn't limit your usage options. You can use it with the rubber-sealed lid that comes on it, or you can replace that with the dropper lid they've included with it. This is especially useful if you've bought this argan oil for a specific purpose like me. I would use a dropper for argan oil that I am going to use on my skin/nails, but I would prefer to pour it out of the bottle for my hair or use a pump. It seems like Pure Body Naturals knows and understands how people use their products and wants happy customers. The only thing I can think of that would improve this packaging is if they included the dropper and a pump.

  This oil does have a slight scent. When I compare the scent to other pure argan oils I've tried, it almost smells sour in the bottle where it should smell similar to olive oil. This isn't a big thing to me because I'm not even sure if it is the oil itself or if it is the bottle because it doesn't really have that scent when you use it.

  All in all, this is a great argan oil. It has customer friendly packaging, and all the features you should look for in an argan oil. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they're a seasoned user or a new one. Pure Body Naturals delivers on both quality and convenience. They also have a lifetime 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way, so its worth a try!

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