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Nov 30, 2010

I'm awake, I swear I'm awake.... *snores*

  Thanksgiving was lovely. If you discount the fact that I was too exhausted to walk after everyone left, it was good.

 If you discount the fact that my dear mother tried to kill me, it was awesome. 
I mean it. She tried to kill me. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of person loads the dishwasher with EVERY sharp object pointing up. There I was, loading the dishwasher, not thinking about it too much because I was tired.... and then.... she STABBED me. Not literally of course, because she had already gone home, but I know she meant to do it. I was putting a spoon in the silverware part when got stabbed in the meaty part of my palm (below my thumb). It probably wouldn't have been so bad if the blade of the steak knife hadn't gone under my thumb ring and stabbed me, but because it did I couldn't get the sucker out from under the ring without cutting myself more. That's right around the time that I looked down and realized that I could have died.

 I'm sure you think I'm exaggerating, but imagine how you would feel when you looked down and realized that there were 12 knives sticking blade up in your dishwasher, and every single one seemed placed for maximum damage. All I had to do was trip and I'd have had a blade through most of my organs. Thanks mom. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. >.>

 Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. <3 

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