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Nov 15, 2010

Day One

 So, I'm writing a blog. I'm not sure if I even care if people read this or not, I just think it will be nice to keep some sort of record of life around here. I'm not quite finished with the design, so please don't take this as the final product, its just what looks pretty for now. I need to find a Kris-ish background that makes it easier to read.
If you're reading this.... there is no turning back. 
Like s'rsly, yo.

One of the things you'll discover is that not only am I twisted, but those around me have twisted me. I swear I was normal once, but since meeting my husband, I've somehow turned into a degenerate, perverted shell of the bucket of sunshine that I used to be. 

So. Onward to the blogging. 

As I danced around my living room today (pretending to dust), several thoughts occurred to me. Thought number one was I am a hell of a dancer. Thought number two was along the lines of "where did the dog come from?". Shortly after my second thought, I was on the floor. 
To explain, I'm the proud mother of a female Boxer. Her name is Rukia. She also happens to be the neediest, clingiest dog known to man. If you need to use the bathroom, she will literally whine until you come back. I can't get out of bed without stepping on the poor dog. Anyway, I stepped on the dog..... I know. I'm terrible... But I can't take all the blame. What kind of dog stands under someone that is dancing around like a drunken stripper?
 As I lay sprawled out on the floor, cursing, I realize that my "accident" has been witnessed. My new mailman was evidently in the process of searching for my mailbox to cram my mail into when I fell, and he had a perfect view of what happened.... It was officially the first time I've ever seen a mailman laugh. Stupid dog.

To add to my day, my mailman brought me goodies. I love my mail. I get great stuff in my mail. Like, awesome stuff. Today, Todd's cell phone case finally came. Todd would be my spouse. Because I'm such a nice wife, I ordered a fitted cell phone case for his Omnia 2 in a really pretty blue color.... his favorite color. Imagine my surprise when he broke it within five minutes of having it in his possession. Go figure. 

I suppose that's it for now because I have to load the dishwasher and do the other menial housework that everyone hates to do. I'm sure I'll have more to say later or another day.

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