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Dec 18, 2014

Grazia Reusable Silicone Baking Cups - Review

We all know that I have a tendency to burn down my house 
when I cook.... 

  That's not really true, but I used it as an excuse for half of my life because I didn't know how to cook much less bake something. All of my cooking involved fervent phone calls to my mother where she walked me through making a meal step by step, and half of my meals involved plating take-out from a local restaurant as quickly as I could before my husband arrived (I giggle every time I watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith). I had very firm thoughts on how I should be as a wife and cooking was at the top of the list. My first attempt at cake for my spouse looked like a blackened lump and I never wanted to do it again. I can still hear the smoke alarm going off while I sobbed over the scorched cake pan.

  Honestly though, it took years until I started learning to make more involved recipes and making simple deserts and cookies WITHOUT lighting anything on fire or setting off any smoke alarms.

  The point of the story is, I went through all of that and my husband doesn't even like cake. Not even a little. I didn't have to pretend to be able to cook anything anyway because the man can't even cook mac-n-cheese out of a box, he was grateful for a warm hot dog! Over the years, I've picked up cooking. I like food, I just don't like making it. I still don't bake cake, but I will make the occasional cupcake if a child asks me to.

  Anyway, the current crave at my house is muffins. My kids don't want to eat anything else for breakfast on school days. Their problem with breakfast is that they have to get up a few minutes earlier to eat. We decided muffins were a great compromise because they're not really unhealthy, they freeze well, and they're portable. My only problem with muffins is that my kids take those little paper liners and throw them at or around my trash can.

  Now that I'm done rambling, I have a review! 

  I recently received Grazia silicone baking cups to try, and they've kinda changed my life.
 They're so useful!

  The first things we all noticed was how very bright and colorful these are. They're easy to see on a shelf, and my kids love the fun colors. The colors came in handy for us because we each picked a color for our muffins... you know, so no one steals our muffins instead of eating the flavor they picked. Big problem around here.

  The other great things about these silicone cups are that they are microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe. So if you're like me and you freeze your muffins, the process is seamless. You can bake them, toss them in the freezer, and thaw them without having to remove the cup! Then they get tossed in the dishwasher instead of getting thrown around the trash can like paper liners. They're non-stick so you can eaily get your muffin (or whatever you bake) out without your muffin falling apart or having to scrape part of it out of the bottom of the cup.

  Another great feature is that you don't have to use muffin tins. You can if you want to, but you can just as easily toss these on a baking sheet or a cookie sheet and shove them in the oven. It's simpler and there is less clean up involved.

  Now, I do have one downside that I noticed and its not a big thing or a deal breaker. These don't cook exactly like a muffin tin. They cook more evenly instead of outside to inside. So if you're like me and your mentality is "if I accidentally overfill one, it will have a bigger top", you'll need to watch that when you use these cups. Unlike traditional tins, when you overfill these, you have a 70% chance of your muffins collapsing on themselves rather than rising higher. Not a big deal, but worth noting.

  I have to say that I fully recommend these. They make my mornings smoother and take away some of the little annoyances I have with baking muffins. They're reusable, environmentally safe, BPA free, and have a lifetime guarantee. If you're like me and are looking for less hassles, these are for you.

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