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Sep 14, 2011


BzzAgent is doing some really awesome things with this new "Daily Bzz". I love having the opportunity to get into a program that I normally wouldn't. I especially love Dreamlights. This is my "dope" post telling why I'm excited to join this campaign.

   I have been completely infatuated with fireflies since I was 6. I would catch them when I was camping and put them in a jar. I always kept that jar by my sleeping bag. Those fireflies were my night light until I started getting sleepy and I set them free. I did the same thing every single night. Never even got tired of it. I miss those childhood days. I miss seeing the thousands of fireflies gathered on wild blackberry bushes lighting up the night by the lake. I've tried recreating them at home with firefly magnets, firefly lights, and firefly candles, but its never been the same to me as camping all summer with my fireflies.

   Sadly, I live in an area where there aren't many fireflies, so I can't introduce my children to the wonder of a firefly nightlight or the beauty of gathering fireflies outside of the pictures from my camping trips. I can't watch them light up the bushes and trees like they did when I was a child. We see a stray firefly now and again, and my kids are enthralled, but its nothing like the magic and the wonder that I experienced during my childhood. I would love to bring this to my children, even if it is simulated. My daughter has the same exact wonder and joy that I was filled with as a child. I would love to see her eyes light up at this. I'm sure she's invent a story about the fairies that live inside the jar since fairies are her world.

   I love how the Dreamlights look very authentic. Its almost exactly what fireflies look like inside of a frosted glass jar. I love imagining the stories my daughter would make up. I love giving my daughter the power to believe in fairies and fairy tales. I love the warm feeling I could get just from gazing at it and recollecting those carefree kid days where I had nothing more important to do than catch bugs. These are all the reasons why I'm excited to join this campaign.

  As the days get longer, and the nights get warmer, people are venturing outside their doors and enjoying the moonlight. As they walk down streets and paths, the flickering lights of fireflies are hard to miss. During some summers, trees would light up with more fireflies than there were stars in the heavens, turning the whole sky upside-down. As kids, many of us ran through our parents' back yards, collecting fireflies in jars. They'd flicker inside, blinking out their little buggy code to each other. We would wonder what their bio luminescent blinking lights were actually saying. No - nothing that heady. In fact, their gentle flickering communicates their ability to mate and their location - the entomological equivalent of "Hey baby! Over here, good-lookin'! So where bugs fail us, robots fill in. These robots come in the form of tiny LEDs inside a frosted glass lantern. You can set them to glow as long as they have power, or only when you shake the lantern. Don't worry about harming the little fellas - they aren't real. Your karma is safe. So traipse across your moonlit garden again, like you did when you were a kid. Set it on your night stand to offer a soft soothing glow while you sleep, or just take a walk using the lantern as cool illumination as you go. The fireflies won't mind - in fact, they'll probably come to check out the hot little robotic numbers inside. 

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