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Sep 28, 2011

Daily Bzz Star wars!

I love what BzzAgent is doing with the new Daily Bzz. I'm tossing in my super-dope post to try for <insert drumroll>

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Buuuuuh buh buh buh ba buh buh buh buh ba ba buh ba ba ba baaaaaaaah!!!!! 


  Ok, so the Star Wars theme in buh buh buh sounds way better in your head then it looks when you type it... But I know the theme by heart and I hum it while I do dishes xD 

We're huge Star Wars fans here.... 

AND we're huge Blu-Ray fans. So this is the best campaign in the world for me to get!


  My kids have always loved the Star Wars movies (all of them), and they watch the Clone Wars cartoon religiously. They've even gotten neurotic and obsessive about Star Wars. My son wore his Darth Vadar mask into the shower until he was 9. Refused to bathe without it.... My daughter wants to be a princess because of Princess Leia, I've even dressed up as Leia for Halloween... 4 times. We all have our own lightsabers that we built (custom FTW!) and we regularly stage fights with them in our living room (to the star wars theme, of course). Sometimes, my son even lets me wear his Darth Vadar mask and tell him that I am his father.... we all giggle over that. My husband has every movie memorized from beginning to end and can literally recite every movie. Anyway, we are Star Wars nerds through and through.


We're all also Blu-ray nerds (and we have a PS3 in just about every room xD). My son can tell you all the differences between Blu-ray and DVD from quality to disc size. I'm afraid he's going to grow up and be in infomercials. We all know that the quality of a Blu-ray movie is astounding, and we have a huge 62" tv with surround sound to watch ours. We'd love to see the Star Wars saga in HD with all our friends and family, and I'd love the opportunity to bzz about it!

 And for the record, I don't call shotgun, I call Chewie =P

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